It Ain't SAFE

Sooo the Internet isn't safe anymore.  Was it ever? I Kid, but hear me out.  When it comes to parenting Everyone and their MAMA (pun intended) has an opinion about what YOU should do with YOUR baby.  Some of the information out there is really good to be aware of, but do you ever think about the fact that parenting came naturally for our grandparents and so forth.  They didn't have social media and blogs.  They simply had to listen to their baby and act accordingly.  Granted, It's really cool to read something and soon discover you aren't the only one going through this.  But social media just doesn't give enough grace.  

So whether you're a first time mom or on baby number 5 WE all need grace.  This blog will be for that.  A space to be who you truly are, ask questions, and even give advice about what worked for you.  

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  • Nancy Ivey

    GRACE!!!!! I am soon to begin my IVF journey and will be a single mom, by choice. I pray for continued grace in this new season, new journey in my life.

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